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Welcome to, home of the free chess course!

Here, you will learn from the basics of how to play chess to intermediate / advanced level techniques used by world chess champions! The chess courses are devised per sessions and we recommend doing one session per day. These chess courses are aimed at complete beginners to intermediate level players... advanced players will find this chess course refreshing as a "back to basics" sort of exercise. As in most disciplines, the basic knowledge is the most important... it is the foundation by which you entire chess playing style and strengths are molded.

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-->Intermediate Chess Course

-->Beyond Intermediate chess recommended course of action to continue improving your chess game
Don't forget to play chess, play chess, play chess... pratice makes perfect in chess and anything else.

We have the chess courses in printable formats which we used to create manuals for face to face chess classes. We can supply you with the printable formats or ship them to you already printed and bonded... please contact us for further details. If you don't need printable formats, then enjoy the same courses online for free!

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